Our new customers will be more than welcome. Your first step will be getting in contact with our company through the website. You will be looking for the right quote, a quote that meets your needs, so we will provide that right quotation for you. Once we receive your request we will make sure you had not missed any detail, as a result we will take a few minutes to review your order. We will probably ask you for a summary of the requirements. For purposes of presentation of our offer, we have to access to all the records of the bid (Bases, annexes, process milestones, deadlines, detailed descriptions, etc.). We always make sure to comply with this.

Once we buy your items we might use DHL EXPRESS COURIER and UPS GROUND to send them to its final destination or a Freight Forward company we have, it will be your decision. We will take care of all purchasing documents. Prodin staff will also notify each step to the persons in charge in order to keep them acknowledged.  One set of ORIGINAL shipping documents will accompany the shipment and sent to your email address (Optional).

You will be receiving an invoice which is under Prodin International, with all charges incurred (Referencing with: Account Number, Purchase Order and/or Consignee). If you decide to ship via ocean or air with our affiliated freight forward company, you will get also an invoice from them. Remember, we only process purchases and keep tracking them until you decide with what company you want to obtain them.

Basic Bid Model:

Buyer:__________________  Fax: ________     Phone: ______


Phone: 305-599-1115   Fax: _______________

Address: 7964 NW 56TH. STREET

City: MIAMI-DADE FLORIDA   ZIP Code: 33166  Country: U.S.A.

Seller :__________________

Description of the Article

Item Material Designation: Quantity, Unit Price per Unit, net value

Offer no.:_________________

Place of Delivery:_______________

Payment Term: 30 Days

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

DATE OF DELIVERY:________________

We await your confirmation of the order.

It is of concern of the Corporation, maintaining a fluid process information to you.